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"He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into the light."


Tel: 06-30-477-10-03 /0-24 óráig/


I am Laszlo Szilagyi, private investigator. I started the line infantry service in 1987 at the frontier-guards. After one and a half year of service I was recruited to the government-guards and I worked there 4 years.

After that I was transferenced to the commissioned rank of the National Security Office where I worked 10 years.

As it has always been important for me to gain knowledge widely in the profession, I asked for my transference to the police.

I worked two years in the countryside in county Békés as an investigator, where I had opportunity to participate in the inquest of homicide crimes and I made experiences also in this field.

Then I asked for my transference again, this time to Budapest where I started to work as an economy defence investigator, after that I worked as an emissary deputy head of subdivision for a short time.

Thereafter I worked as a hot trail investigator and crime scene investigator more years long.

I have intermediate qualification in all my specialities. It has great significance, because it exceedingly reflects that despite the short time I was an active participant of the investigations and I’ve never coordinated the investigators’ work from the velours chair.

I asked for my retirement in November 2007, then after a short rest I decided to continue my work as an investigator and to attach the exploration of the truth.

As I did as a commissioned rank investigator, I am at service of my clients in 24 hours a day.